An Online Tool to Convert and Mirror an STL Object File for 3D Printing

About This Tool

There are many tutorials about "How to make a mirror of an STL file for 3d printing" or "flipping an STL". This is a easy task for experienced 3D modellers and 3D printing hobbyist. But this can be a challenging task for someone who wants a flipped STL file in a simple way.

In some cases, we need to mirror an STL. When we download an STL file from Thingiverse, and want to print it in mirror, we should do it ourselves. This avoids mistakes at some 3D printing shops if we only leave a note.

Tools such as AdMesh, netfabb, Blender or even OpenSCAD can allow us to flip/mirror a 3D object. Of course, we can install and use one of these tools. But, it takes time to open a 3D software and process the STL. So, I build this little tool to make it easy for both beginners and professionals to flip an STL.

As a bonus, this tool shows the size (bounding box) and volume. It also tells you an approximate price if you print it at my shop.

Special thanks to the following projects